Wednesday, July 11, 2012

People Watching

I myself love to people watch. If I am in a public place, you can most likely see me looking at people. Even a friend of mine noticed it, I always sat in a seat at dinner where I could see people. Looking at people around you can be very interesting, you never know what you will see. There are tall people, short people, people that are blonde, brunette, redhead, and every color in between. You wonder where they are going, why some are in a hurry, what they are thinking about. Its a very simple thing that you could wonder endlessly about. 

A Busy area that can be used for people watching
Don't you ever wonder what other people have going on?

So head over to your local public place, and just hang around and see what people have to offer. Don't loiter though. That's bad haha. 

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  1. people watching, the only reason I wear sunglasses


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