Saturday, June 2, 2012

Various Perspectives

I recently flew up to Wisconsin for a week long trip, and of course I booked a window seat. As I looked out of the window, I noticed how the clouds looked from above. Usually when I look up at the sky, the clouds look almost 2D. Like a really intricate wallpaper or something that is covering the Earth just a mile or so above the surface. However, when you look at clouds from above them, as you are traveling past them at ~500 miles per hour, you notice how poofy and beautiful they are. 


From the ground, the clouds seem as though they aren't really moving, at least not the big ol' huge ones that I'm interested. Sometimes you'll see a little tiny one, just puttering along, but that one isn't important. 

The moral of the story of my trips to foreign lands is: You should always look at things in more than one perspective. It could shed some light on a problem you might be having with said thing.

Trust me, it can be beautiful.

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