Monday, June 11, 2012

You've Got Mail!

Nowadays you can pretty much talk to anyone online or through the phone. Physical mail is mostly gone except for bills and certain advertisements. In the age of online shopping and communication, it makes getting actual letters pretty exciting. But one of the main reasons that no one sends mail any more is because it takes forever for the other person to receive it. And if you have ever ordered something online, or were waiting for a letter from that certain someone, then you know how long that wait can feel. Especially if they give you an estimated time that it will be there. I guarantee that those days will feel like an eternity.

Just ask this guy!
But there is that day, you think to yourself "Man, it probably got lost in the mail" (when in reality it has only been 3 days that you've been waiting). And suddenly, you open your mailbox, and sitting in there is your neatly packaged...package! Woo hoo! You might feel like skipping all the way home (just don't forget your car if you took one!). 

Finally getting something that you have been waiting for can be the most fulfilling feeling of your day. And that doesn't just go for mail, it can be anything from a car, to a kitten, to a...sandwich after a long day of work. Who knows. Whatever it is that you are waiting for, be patient, it will come in time, and when it does, it'll be even better than you though!

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