Wednesday, August 15, 2012


When I first got my drivers license, like any other kid, I was stoked. I was going to drive everywhere, do whatever I wanted. The whole nine yards. However, I had forgotten about the 6 month restriction where you have to drive with a parent in the vehicle. Definitely rained on my parade. 

Now that I have been driving for a few years, I have a lot more freedom. I have posted before about jamming out in the car by yourself, or with friends. But in this post it's going to be a little different. Just the other night I was feeling a little stressed out over some issues with a friend of mine. It was around midnight, and I suddenly decided I felt like driving somewhere. It didn't matter where. Personally I think driving is relaxing. However there are a ton of people that have to sit through traffic every day that would disagree. 

Blue Car driving down the road fast
To me, driving feels a little like this.

I couldn't go too far because I didn't have much gas, and stopping to get some would ruin the whole experience. But I drove down the road and stopped and sat in a parking lot for a bit. Windows were rolled down, music playing, it was nice. 

Driving may not be your "happy place", but when you are feeling a little stressed, go take a walk, or work out, or lay down, or whatever it is that calms you down. 

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  1. I used to do that when I was stressed or upset. I would just take a drive. No destination. Just driving. Turning on streets I've never turned on before, and finding new places.


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