Friday, October 19, 2012

A Mother's Voice

Heart with banner over it that says mom
Gotta love your mom!

Life these days can be pretty stressful at times, no matter who you are, or what you are doing. Something always seems to go awry at some point. Either you are overwhelmed, burned out, anxious, nervous, whatever, I've found something that could help you out! 

Psychological studies done by Dr. Leslie Seltzer at the University of Wisconsin in Madison have found that after a stressful situation, talking to your mother on the phone significantly reduces the stress hormone cortisol. 

I can vouch for this 100%. These past few weeks have been pretty stressful on me. All my classes seemed to have a project or paper or test to give me. Not to mention the 6 week long project that I had for my Layout class. I was feeling burned out and overwhelmed. So I called my mom for advice. Honestly she just told me things I already knew, but the fact that I was talking to her really calmed me down for some reason. 

So if you're feeling a bit under the weather, or like things are becoming to much to handle, call up your mom. Talk to her for a bit about whatever, it doesn't have to be about whatever is bothering you. Maybe she'll be able to get your mind off of it! Who knows. 

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