Sunday, May 6, 2012

Darn You Eyelashes!

Imagine this. You jump into bed and are getting comfortable, but what's this? You suddenly feel something in your eye! Damn! You rub it and try to remove whatever it is that is invading your eyeball. After a while you try and just deal with it, close your eyes and fall asleep. But of course, it is not that simple, that small object in your eye is at the moment, the bane of your existence. You keep rubbing your eyes until they are all watery and raw (which is a terrible feeling by the way). 

This is you.

After painstakingly long minutes of frustration, with one last swipe of your fingers over your eye, one last attempt at getting the blasted thing from your eye, you are successful! Imagine that. You look on your finger to see what the heck caused you so much pain, and there you see a small black hair, an eyelash. I thought they were there to protect your eyes from debris! What gives?!

Anyways, finally getting that eyelash out of your eye is quite relieving. Especially if you wear contacts.

Good day!

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  1. I hate that when that happens, but I eventually fix it.


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