Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Would you like cream with your coffee?

Many people drink a cup of coffee as part of their morning routine. I am one of those people and I think that coffee can be quite...fascinating. "But, Gabe, what could possibly be so cool about coffee?" Well, pour a little bit of creamer in your cup o' joe and you'll soon find out. 

Pretty sweet huh?
No pun intended...

I also found a similar effect with a chrome paint used for painting aluminum. As i poured it and let it sit, it would settle and make these stellar looking shapes, and if you mixed it around, it would create a smooth looking liquid. It was neat to look at.

Anyway, off topic!
Coffee creamer makes your coffee not only taste awesome, but it makes it look awesome as well.
So drink up!

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  1. i tried putting some chrome paint in my coffee. It looked pretty cool but tasted awful


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