Thursday, April 26, 2012

Feet in the Sand

One of the best parts of going to the beach is getting to put your feet in the sand. Sitting there by the water with your feet buried in the sand, sipping on something cold. Some would consider it to be paradise. Usually that scenario is more enjoyable, but personally, I like the feeling of cold sand.

Like if you were to go to the beach at night and kick back and relax. I can only imagine that the night sky would look magnificent there. Great, now I want to take a trip to the beach.. Nothing beats a hot summers day like a day at the beach.

So this summer, head out to your nearest beach or lake and have a good time.
The simple things are the best.
Good day.


  1. Its almost summer, great opportunity to hit the beach all day!

    1. Yeah man definitely. Sounds so nice, might go down and camp at the beach.

  2. Same here. Summer is definitely the best time to kick back and relax.

  3. I understand you perfectly. Can't wait for the summer :)

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