Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Headphones and Music

Whenever I feel like listening to some music (which is quite often), I always use my Bose AE2's. After I got these for my birthday I never went back to using earbuds or anything like that. Many people are hyped up about Dr Dre's Beats, but honestly, I like Bose better. Beats have much heavier bass but the sound leaks out of them, and the other sound ranges besides bass aren't that impressive. Now with my AE2's, they have beautiful sound quality, sounds especially good with the music I listen to! You can hear everything so crisp and clear. Makes listening to music a whole different experience in my opinion.

What do you guys and gals listen to your music with?


  1. So far I've been using earbuds. Since my MP3 player just died I guess I could as well give those Bose AE2's a try when I stop to the electronics shop.

    1. I used to really like my earbuds, mostly because they were super portable and didn't sound all that bad. But I suppose that once got the AE2's, Earbuds just didn' sound so good anymore.

  2. I use stock Apple earbuds and a cheap headset for my computer. I'm fine with my current setup.

  3. Sennheiser's usually. But I always have my skullcandy's as a backup. woot


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